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Do I get started?Ritual treatment to Hecate.

This ritual is simple enough, but at the same time very powerful. The strength of this ritual lies in its appeal to Hecate, the great and powerful ancient goddess, patroness of magic.

The tradition of worship Hecate back to the early days of Sumer, where she was known by the name of Ereshkigal, wife of the ruler of the netherworld Nergal. Later, in Greek culture it is worshiped as Hecate. With the advent of the era of the Olympic Gods cult of Hecate not only not changed, but got the widest dissemination. Altars of Hecate stood on every street corner and many buildings of ancient Greece, and then to ancient Rome.

In later tradition Hecate is the Goddess of ghosts, magic and spells, Lady of the Underworld. Adoration Hecate has always been closely connected with the worship of the moon. Days Hecate while relying days of the new moon or dark moon, the nascent days of the moon were considered days of Diana (Artemis), and full moon days - days of Selena (Demetra).

A fragment of the picture on the left depicts Hecate surrounded by two of his celestial sisters - Diana and Selena. Attributes of the Goddess Hecate - snakes, whips, knives, and torches.

The ritual is best to hold the new moon (the last two or first two days of new moon), shortly after midnight. For the ritual you will need one black candle (preferable to use the stand or candlestick), a piece of black cloth or towel in black, and rope.

And, of course, you also need the actual text of the spell. Who knows, maybe you forget it in the middle of the ritual?

Before the ritual is necessary to make small cooking - braid on your rope, three incantatory site. How to weave incantatory sites? Very simple. You pronounces the text that spells and simultaneously tighten the rope knot. Node itself can be anything - most importantly, to tighten the rope so as to dissolve it then it was impossible.

So, you are stumbling on your rope, three incantatory site. At each node should get one spell, wish or promise. All they have to be connected with your desire to be a witch (sorcerer) and engage in magic. If you wish, you may wish to become a great witch or magician steep, pledge their destiny is inextricably linked with magic, etc. Do not dare ask anything for yourself - in this ritual is a place only for the promises and wishes, directly linking you and your desire to become a witch and practice magic.

Knots tied? Excellent. Now you can start the ritual itself.
Lay your black fabric or black towel on the floor of your room, kitchen or bathroom. Needless towel or cloth can be on the safe side moisten with water - this will reduce the risk of fire fabric, if you suddenly drop her a lighted candle. A rope with knots winded around the base of a candle or candleholder. Now you can start the ritual itself.

You stand up on your knees in front of the candle and lights it. Leaflet with the text put before you. Begin to read a spell, looking straight into the flames of black candles.

Great Hecate, Mistress of the Night,
Goddess of the Dark Moon, friend and beloved of Darkness,
before whom tremble living and the dead
I am a witch (your witch's name), named (your real name).

Give me your blessing, the Great Mother,
Protect and charms me in my witchcraft,
Protect me from anger of the Great Gods,
That I pass the disease, death and misfortunes.

Great Hecate, Goddess of the Dark Moon
I am a witch (your magical name), named((your real name).
Hear my please,Great Mother.

As I have said in similar situations before, if you - male magician, a spell must be slightly modified. In this case replace the word "witch" on the word "magician" or "sorcerer".

In spell must be smooth, mellow and full respect for the Goddess.If your voice will be quenched by fear and treachery to tremble, you will look very strange.

The spell must be repeated for as long as you do not get tired and start to get confused. A break a little and start to read the spell again. Be prepared for the fact that the ritual can be quite lengthy.

Sooner or later you will receive a sign - a candle flame grows sharply, hissing and will toss from side to side. This means that your appeal is heard. Regardless of how you are tired by this time, try to pull yourself together and repeat the mantra three times.Do not say a single word!Trust your feelings. All the most important thing has already happened - your appeal is heard. Stay calm and do not be afraid. Your intuition will tell you when the ritual could be completed. Bow and quench the flame - best of all with your own fingers. A rope with knots necessarily save and hide.

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